Woad powder & woad seeds

We sell woad powder in small quantities for delivery to addresses in the UK and Europe. The woad powder is from Bleus de Pastel de Lectoure and is sold in 10gm and 25gm quantities.

We also now sell woad seeds of the Tewkesbury strain in small packets (see below).

Woad Powder 10 gm pack                      £5
Woad Powder 25 gm pack                    £10

Woad Seeds - approx. 25 seeds             £2.50

[P&P free for orders over £10]

To order your woad powder or seeds - Click here

Other woad dyeing suppliers

Bleu de Lectoure  - sells a wide variety of items using woad from eye shadow to wall paint -
Renaissance Dyeing sells embroidery thread and knitting wool dyed with woad -
Fibrecrafts on-line shop for textiles and dyes - sells Spectralite (thiourea dioxide), pH paper and soda ash - information on mordants
Hillcreek Fiber Studio (USA) - sells woad pigment and other natural dyes -

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